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Wed Aug 23




Israel Not Biden Its Time

Israel showed Palestine, the EU, the US, and the rest of the world their F***-you face when they approved the expansion of building in East Jerusalem in the same week that Vice President Joe Biden was visiting for diplomatic relations. The announcement of plans to build 1,600 homes in the disputed area caused tensions to flare between the US and Israel, and while Israel apologized for the poor timing of the announcement, it indicated the construction would be carried out as planned.

Israel isn't really apologetic; its public "apology" is simply a political move, and is empty rhetoric slapping the face of VP Biden and his visit, as well as a larger response to the Obama administration's subtle movement away from blanket Israeli support in the region. Basically, Israel told the US to shut the hell up, they'll build wherever and whenever they feel like putting down a foundation.

Given the volatility of the region, the certain violence that will follow when construction actually begins, and the swagger of Israel in the face of widespread demonization of the decision, lends the small sandy island of a nation a certain je ne sais quoi, a heady disregard of protocol and direct contravention of assigned roles by powerful nations and leaders on the world scene.

In other words, Israel's flagrant puffery is a clear sign that even as tensions and allegiances shift in the Middle East, one can always count on imperialistic attitudes to direct the policies and decisions of embattled countries. For that Israel deserves a hand and has earned our Imperialist of the Week award.

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