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Fri Feb 5



Tuna Half-Men: Let’s ‘Flip’ the Dolphin PR Assault

Tuna Half-Men: Let’s ‘Flip’ the Dolphin PR Assault

He's played a kindly convict, Nelson Mandela and even a mop-pushing God. On the other hand, the world was obliterated by a read on

 Listen, Douche

Running In Place Is A Tool’s Exercise

You come to an intersection but instead of stopping, you keep running in place. Wow, you’re such a douche.

The Half-Assed Turn Is Full-On Jerk

Drivers who are turning but refuse to occupy the entirety of the turn lane are a douchey menace to society.

Abolish Express Lane Abuse

I’ve watched you–all of you abuse the honor system by passing more than the designated number of items through the express line. Congratulations, you’re a douche.

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The Jeg is Up

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Sacrificial Ma’am

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Up, “Chuck”: This Heaven’s Not a Home without Zachary Levi

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“Big” Love: Why aren’t we outraged by Tom Hanks’ underage sex?

It hit me in the shower today: Tom Hanks was 13 years old when he had sex with Elizabeth Pe… read on

I Inject! The Solution to Rowdy Concerts

Every concert has a Designated A–hole, whose job it is to solipsize himself and dance… read on